Hawai’ian Retreat – Swimming with Dolphins & Whales

Woman Power, Creativity & Healing in Paradise

Week-Long Retreat, Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii

The Hawaiian Ocean and the Magic of the Dolphins

by Pnina Zoharah

Entering the ocean is like entering the womb of The Mother. Although I am a little bit nervous sometimes — the ocean is so big and I am so small — I connect to “Yemaya”, the Goddess of the ocean, with a prayer asking her to teach me what ever I need and am ready to learn. I ask myself to surrender and flow with the ocean. Sometimes the ocean invites me in and sometimes she does not, saying, “Listen—feel me, sense me,” and I must respect and listen to her wishes.

I am breathing deeply and matching the breath of the waves; I dive into the waves and let them take me in to the deep blue water. I find myself swimming toward the high pitch sounds of the dolphins— aeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  Finally, I see them, moving with beautiful undulations like amazing belly dancers. They swim around and around in circles, diving deeply into the water and up again to the surface; it is very important not to disturb them and just flow with them with grace. They are very sensitive to sound and movement, but unfortunately, some swimmers chase them and make too much noise.

The dolphins like to come up to us when we are in a state of meditation. They are in their dream space when they are resting in the bay, although sometimes they are very playful and chase each other, flipping, spinning and turning on their back like little puppies that want to be tickled. They make me laugh and take all my fears away; my spirit is bursting with joy and we are having so much fun together.

Often when I am with the dolphins I lose myself, and I have to remind myself to pay attention, and not swim too far from the shore. I am sitting right now and writing to you as the dolphins are jumping in and out of the water on the distant horizon. I remember a time at Hookena beach, when I swam far into the ocean because the dolphins were so playful. I forgot where I was! When I started to swim back, I got very tired so I asked the dolphins to help me get back to the shore. All of a sudden they encircled me and I felt my energy come back as they swam with me until I got close to the shore.

When I am with the dolphins I love to sing and pray. I let my thoughts completely melt, and sometimes I cry from happiness and sometimes from sadness, sadness that we, humans, have separated from the original essence of the oneness of nature. Our ego has led us to so many distractions.

I envy the dolphins when I see that love comes so easily and naturally to them. My soul is longing to have love and harmony between all people—just like we were originally created—one spirit, total connection, total oneness between all souls.

The dolphins teach us about healthy families—they are so together and aware of each other. Sometimes there are 20 to 50 dolphins in a pod, and if you pay close attention you can see that each one of them has a unique personality. They respect each other so much that they are interacting in complete harmony. They help each other give birth; they take care of the babies together and protect them. In the dolphin families, the babies are the center of attention, they are full of light and playfulness.

My spirit is flowing in harmony with Mother Ocean as I show her my respect and my tremendous love. I embrace her for teaching me so much and showing me her beauty. I expose my true feelings to her, and surrender to her completely as I swim back to the shore.

There is so much to learn from the ocean, and each time I go into the water I learn something new. Every lesson always matches where I am in the present moment and gives me what I need to learn. All lessons lead me to a deeper longing of Eternity that I call God. Just when I think that I have achieved this state of existence, I am lost and back to the unknown again and again. I am just at the beginning in this endless surge for true love, like the endless ocean, like the endless love of the dolphins, like the endless beauty of nature.

The First Breath—Swimming with the Whales

by Pnina Zoharah

Today I went to swim at my favorite bay south of Kona, where the dolphins usually like to rest and play, Surprisingly, instead of playing with dolphins I had an amazing interaction with the whales. Ever since I have been here, I have watched the whales rising out of the sea and splashing their tails in the water from the shore many times. When my friends told me that they had gone swimming with whales I was exited for them. I thought that it would never happen to me. I always said that I am satisfied with my experience swimming with dolphins, and anyway, whales are too big for me. But this morning as I got to the beach, the whales were visible from the shore, about two miles away. I was exited, but I still didn’t believe that I would be able to swim that far.
After swimming for along while, I still didn’t see the whales. I decided to head back to shore. I usually like to sing in the water, so I chanted some prayers to myself that came to me about the whale’s songs. As I picked my head up, suddenly I saw a big whale. It showed its back about 30 feet away from me. I swam toward her without thinking twice. I looked down underneath me and there it was, an amazing sight. The baby whale was lying under the Mommy’s chest and on the other side of the whale, an escort not too far from them protecting the baby. My breath stopped and my eyes opened wide. Then the baby left his mom and swam right up to me. We made an eye contact, my heart then opened wide and I was crying with joy. Then he continued up to the top to take his breath and then down again to his Mom. That beautiful experience happened twice. The third time the mother whale carried her calf with her nose up again to take another breath as she flipped her beautiful tail in the water.

This time of the year there are many newborn whales just learning how to take their first breath. The baby needs to breathe more often then the adult whale. I could feel so much happening in between each breath. My heart slowed down and I felt peace and grace between each breath. I remembered this ancient feeling as if it had always been with me. Now the whale helped me get in touch with it again very strongly. It is like being in deep warmth and nurturing womb of Mother Earth. The whales are very ancient beings with pure light and earthy bodies. As I felt their powerful vibration, I felt as if each cell of my body was filled with new light.

After awhile this sweet whale family swam away as they splashed their beautiful tails above the water. As I swam back, a song of gratitude came through my voice. I thought to myself that we can all learn so much from the whales about grace, unity, protection and pure love, as well as the intention and the richness that exists in each breath we take.

Sometimes we breathe too fast or hardly breathe at all. But if we breathe slowly and deeply, we might be aware that in each inhalation there is new life, new energy that we bring into our body. Between each breath we can stay still so we can appreciate and embrace life.
I invite you to try practicing it by taking some time every day to breathe slowly and deeply. Imagine that you are bringing new life force energy into your body. Then exhale light from your body, hold your breath. Feel that you are in a deep warmth-loving womb of the Mother, appreciating her beauty and her wisdom. You will live with so much more grace and inner peace just like the whales.

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