Healing Emotional Eating

iStock1131667XStrawberCropBreak the patterns of emotional eating as you fill up your body with positive energy, validation and love.

Change your relationship with food. Learn powerful body image tools through emotional processing, meditation, visualization and art and movement therapy. In this powerful workshop you will learn how to recognize and release stress, judgement and denial and whatever feelings that you are covering up with emotional eating.

The future date of the next all-day workshop will be announced. Cost is $150 but if you pay in advance, you pay only $125, a savings of $25. Pnina will give you directions after you register.

In this healing work, you will learn:

• How to have compassion and clear communication with your body.
• How to release judgement from your emotional body so you can accept your body and create changes.
• Gentle movement to stimulate your nervous system and increase your metabolism.
• How to feed your body with nurturing, healthy food.

Conscious eating–We eat to live and not live to eat! The mission of this work is to become conscious of your wellness and the love for your body. It is not a diet or weight-loss program, although some people find themselves changing their diet, exercising more and being more conscious of their body and their emotions.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Pnina. I took your year program and dedicated myself to exploring the healing of my body, mind and spirit. I really worked on body image and I persisted in finding the core of my emotional eating. As I worked the weight dropped off and I eventually lost over 4o pounds.” — Susan W.

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