Spiritual Counseling, Clairvoyance and Energy Hands-on Healing by Pnina Zoharah

Pnina Zoharah


Experiencing spiritual counseling and healing and clairvoyant reading can
help you:

• Explore existing core issues.
• Enable you to see the bigger picture of your life.
• Learn to release wasted energy while connecting to your light.

Experience aura healing and chakra balancing
For private sessions, call Pnina at 415-342-3007 or send an email to

For more information, go to Spiritual Counseling/Clairvoyant Reading page.

Dear Pnina, You came into my life at an auspicious moment. Your candor and support pushed me to find my center that lead to a grander view of the universe and a life that is now full of exiting revelations and experiences.  I am completing my global trip and my thanks and blessings fall to you as you nudged a simple seeker for Truth. – Namaste, David Morse


• Sunday, September 21, Workshop, 10am-2pm, Roys Redwoods Preserve, Nicasio Valley Rd, Woodacre, $80 or 60 in advance

COMMIT TO IMPROVING YOUR VISION • LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH CLEAR VISION-Includes instruction on special exercises for posture, eye strengthening, and tension release, as well as special meditations, visualizations, and self-massage techniques for relaxation in our busy lives.

For more information, go to Yoga for the Eyes page.

• Retreat: Woman Power, Creativity & Healing in Paradise

2014 Week-long Retreat, Sept. 14-21 on Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii

For more information, see flyer at 2014 Hawai’ian Retreat page or email Pnina at movementandspirit@comcast.net

• Empower Female Energy/Intuition
• Dolphin Swims/Ocean Healings
• Sacred Spirituality/Volcano-Earth Healing
• Hiking and Exploring Nature
• Hula Dance & Music

The Big Island of Hawai’i is unique and one of the most magical places in the world, vibrating with the energy of growth, transformation and dramatic healing. This Island is known for its sacred spirituality and is a sanctuary for Spinner dolphins and Humpback whales.

Email: movementandspirit@comcast.net

Call Pnina Zoharah at 415-342-3007 for an appointment.
Email: movementandspirit@comcast.net
Web: www.movementandspirit.com
Skype, by appointment: pninazoharah
Marin County, California


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  1. Ginny Sandell says:

    Pnina helped me with a lower back problem. In 3 sessions she taught me how to move, exercise, and what posture to adopt to help my back heal itself. Thanks to her, I am living with much less pain and have a healthier attitude toward my body. She is a great resource for physical and metaphysical information.

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