Spiritual Counseling, Clairvoyance and Energy Hands-on Healing by Pnina Zoharah

Pnina Zoharah


Experiencing spiritual counseling and healing and clairvoyant reading can
help you:

• Explore existing core issues.
• Enable you to see the bigger picture of your life.
• Learn to release wasted energy while connecting to your light.

Experience aura healing and chakra balancing
For private sessions, call Pnina at 415-342-3007 or send an email to

For more information, go to Spiritual Counseling/Clairvoyant Reading page.

Dear Pnina, You came into my life at an auspicious moment. Your candor and support pushed me to find my center that lead to a grander view of the universe and a life that is now full of exiting revelations and experiences.  I am completing my global trip and my thanks and blessings fall to you as you nudged a simple seeker for Truth. – Namaste, David Morse

Watch Pnina’s intro to her new video on “Heal Your Vision in Nature.”


Tues., March 3, Workshop, 7-9pm, Songbird Community Healing Center • $30, $25 in advance, sliding scale

COMMIT TO IMPROVING YOUR VISION • LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH CLEAR VISION-Includes instruction on special exercises for posture, eye strengthening, and tension release, as well as special meditations, visualizations, and self-massage techniques for relaxation in our busy lives.

For more information, go to Yoga for the Eyes page.

Now Available—Pnina’s new DVD “Heal Your Vision in Nature”. Special price $20 includes shipping.

Email: movementandspirit@comcast.net

Call Pnina Zoharah at 415-342-3007 for an appointment.
Email: movementandspirit@comcast.net
Web: www.movementandspirit.com
Skype, by appointment: pninazoharah
Marin County, California


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  1. Ginny Sandell says:

    Pnina helped me with a lower back problem. In 3 sessions she taught me how to move, exercise, and what posture to adopt to help my back heal itself. Thanks to her, I am living with much less pain and have a healthier attitude toward my body. She is a great resource for physical and metaphysical information.

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