About Pnina

I was born in Israel to a Moroccan family, the youngest of 9 children. At a very early age I realized that I was different from my family. I always was looking at reality in depth and was a very sensitive girl; I started searching for my truth and freedom at a very young age.The path of my childhood environment was very challenging, but also very magical. I always knew that there was a Higher Force that was leading me to live close to nature and to search for my life’s purpose. Nature was my great escape, and also the place where I learned about intuition and from where I drew my internal power in my search for God. Here I found my career answer to become a tour guide in Israel, and later on a healer and a teacher in the USA.
My path as a healer began as the result of a difficult family experience. In 1988 my mother became ill with multiple sclerosis (M.S.). At first the doctors couldn’t decide what was wrong with her. My mother was rapidly losing muscular strength and mobility. We all wanted desperately to help her, but her doctors could give us no guidance.I began to look for some way to aid her outside the medical mainstream. I tried to interest the rest of my family in this research, but the doctors had convinced them that her case was impossible. They believed that the alternative medicine practitioners I found were charlatans.While my mother was dying, I heard about a teacher and practitioner named Meir Schneider who had written a book called Self-Healing: My Life As A Vision that described how he had healed his own blindness. He had also developed a method of self-healing bodywork and movement to help people with M.S. and other neuro-muscular diseases. Mr. Schneider lived in San Francisco, but we couldn’t afford to take my mother to him.Unfortunately, my Mom passed away in the spring of 1989. Her death transformed my life.Four years later my path led me to study with Mr. Schneider. By a wonderful coincidence, after moving to the USA I enrolled my daughter in the same daycare center to which Meir Schneider sent his son. Soon I was training with Meir and shortly after began training in clairvoyance, energy work, hands-on healing, and emotional release work. The rapid, sometimes painful changes in my life led me to see that there was a higher purpose – another dimension – to my existence. Through my process of self-healing, I found my life’s work.Over the years I have developed the “Movement and Spirit Method” that teaches useful and powerful tools for self-healing and spiritual development. My method combines clairvoyant reading, energy healing, hands-on healing, meditation, intuition, bodywork, and movement therapy techniques, including the neuro-muscular work I learned from Meir Schneider. In addition, my method includes emotional release work, women’s work, sound healing, art and dance therapy, and shamanic work in nature.

Over the last 18 years I have taught and lectured all over the Bay Area, Hawaii, and internationally. I have written articles for many magazines such as Common Ground, Open Exchange, and Bay Area Women’s Business. I have also been interviewed on local TV and radio. My Movement and Spirit Method has expanded all over the world through long-distance healings on phone and on Skype.

Our world is becoming smaller and smaller. Self-awareness and self-healing is fundamentally important in order to create healing and balance in the world we live.

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