Neuromuscular Bodywork

Pnina Zoharah, CMT specializes in therapeutic massage, energy healing, and spiritual wellness.

Her massage specialties include deep tissue, gentle touch, inner organ and Swedish massage, neuromuscular, acupressure, prenatal massage, and special massage to improve eyesight. In addition she works with somatic healing, emotional release, and energy healing.

Pnina’s massage can help posture, back, neck, shoulder and knee pain, as well as vision, joint problems, injuries, neuromuscular problems, and more. Movement and Spirit self-healing method can help many people with various healing conditions.

To help identify and address the cause of the problem, Pnina is able to tap into underlying energies that can manifest as illness. This powerful method facilitates the client’s self-healing process and illuminates the path to wellness. Pnina can help you sense where tension originates.

Self-healing sessions are empowering and meet the specific needs of the client, at the same time motivating him/her to take charge, observe, and understand the capacity of the body to heal itself.

Pnina’s Movement and Spirit Self-Healing Method creates balance circulation, rejuvenation, and relaxation.

Development of kinesthetic awareness is fundamental to self-healing.


Amir’s Story

Pnina guides Amir to open his arm.

Working with Amir has been a pleasure. He is a young guy 23 years old paralyzed in half of his body and can’t move his left arm. I met him and his wonderful family on a beautiful trail in Dan National Park, up in the north of Israel. Amir had a hard time walking so I helped his family to help Amir walk the trail. We become very good friends and I gave Amir a few sessions in between my traveling. I worked on the left arm and helped him move it. We danced and shook his body to wake up the nervous system and create balance.

Massage with Pnina provides a nurturing and therapeutic experience in a relaxing environment for all clients.

Wellness programs and healing packages are available.

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