Movement Therapy & Dance

dance_1Movement, Sound and Dance are an important part of Movement and Spirit Healing Practice and Workshops. They are all used to awaken our creativity, release stagnant energy, and express and celebrate our body and spirit. Pnina has been a dancer and movement therapist instructor for many years. Her unique healing dance is influenced by traditional belly dance, African and Brazilian dance, as well as Therapeutic Movement, Yoga and Qigong.
Therapeutic Movement and Visualization /Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method.

Slow, gentle and unusual movements are designed to reprogram our movement patterns and body posture with healthy habits. In this self-healing process, along with visualization, you will waken up nerves and muscles that have grown numb. Coordination movement will help you to create smoother and more efficient movement. This valuable method will help you increase the communication of your brain function with the rest of your body, so you can move your body with balance and with its full potential.



Parkinson’s Disease: Henry’s Story

One of my dear clients, Henry, suffers from Parkinson. I have been working with Henry for the last 2 years to reduce the trembling and the shaking that are caused by this disease. We also work to increase his flexibility and balance, as well as doing more unusual movements to help develop new nervous system pathways in the body. We often go to the beach and use nature to help us in the healing. As a result, Henry is doing much better ever since we started working together.

Photos show Henry stretching, balancing, and walking backwards — all activities that awaken new neuro pathways,

“Pnina helped me to accept my physical condition by doing emotional release work and judgment release. By accepting myself as I am, I can explore more of my self-healing capabilities.”


Zen Qigong

Zen Qigong will help you open your energy channels, and cultivate universal life force energy into your body. It will also increase the vital energy and strengthen the core of your body. Pnina was trained in Zen Qigong by master Wei Zhong Foo.

Movement therapy and Qigong can be integrated to bodywork sessions and workshops to help promote back wellness and postural problems, as well as helping neuromuscular and vision diseases, simply by using movement, visualization, massage, and energy captivation.


Breath is movement and movement is breath. With each breath you change your world and with each movement you transform your body.

For more information about movement and bodywork see Bodywork page.

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