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Experience healing for your eyesight and for every part of your body
“Great Yoga for the Eyes workshop that came at just the right time. Needed my physical energy flow unblocked which Pnina was able to facilitate where others had not. Being given permission to rest prior to feeling tired has increased by awareness of how so very important that is for my overall health. Time to stop this computer stuff and rest my eyes. Thanks, Rodney”

Now available—Pnina’s new DVD “Heal Your Vision in Nature”.
Special price $25 includes shipping/tax. Buy now!

Watch Pnina’s preview of her new video:
“Heal Your Vision in Nature.”

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Yoga for the Eyes & Nurturing the Nervous System

COMMIT TO IMPROVING YOUR VISION • LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH CLEAR VISION-Includes instruction on special exercises for posture, eye strengthening, and tension release, as well as special meditations, visualizations, and self-massage techniques for relaxation in our busy lives.

For more information, go to Yoga for the Eyes page.

New contact info for Pnina: 415-662-8675


Call Pnina Zoharah at 415-662-8675 for an appointment.
Skype, by appointment: pninazoharah


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  1. Ginny Sandell says:

    Pnina helped me with a lower back problem. In 3 sessions she taught me how to move, exercise, and what posture to adopt to help my back heal itself. Thanks to her, I am living with much less pain and have a healthier attitude toward my body. She is a great resource for physical and metaphysical information.

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