Emotional Release Work

In this powerful journey, Pnina creates a nurturing and safe space for you to release emotional blocks so you can fully experience your true emotions. The emotional release process incorporates special tools, vibrational sound healing, movement, art, and deep energy release so you can begin to create balance and flow in your reality.

(Caves are a symbol of the subconscious. Emotional release works by healing the subconscious, dreams and releasing blocked feelings. In magical Netafim Cave, the stalactites hang from the roof of the cave, built by calcium salt deposits, while the stalagmites rise from the floor.)

In emotional processing, you will:

• Get in touch with your true emotions.
• Learn how to distinguish your emotions from other emotions in your energy field.
• Access your information and your essence as you release emotional blocks.
• Dive into your subconscious and your childhood to find different parts of yourself that were filled with abundance.
• Learn how to provide nurturing and love to your inner child.
• Learn how to observe situations and be above your emotions.
• Learn how to honor and accept your emotions as they are in the present moment.

These are some examples of the tools that you will learn:

• Judgment release
• To bring the child within into present time—a regeneration process.
• A new relationship with different parts of your self.
• Transpersonal healing and meditation tools (working with the big picture of the universe through your emotional body).
• How to free your creativity, through movement and art therapy.
• Many other wonderful and effective tools that will transform your life.

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