Women’s Power, Intuition & Life Purpose

The changes on the planet have been testing us to see if we can stay on our path and follow our mission. In order to step above our fear and survival issues and follow our life purpose, we must contact our intuition, a part of our higher consciousness. Join us in this workshop and learn powerful tools that will help you expand your intuition and let it lead you to your life purpose.
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• To step out of “doing” and tap into “allowing” the universe to support you.
• To access your intuition from the depths of your soul.

• To relate your intuition to your creativity and your emotional body.

• To access your deeper desires with validation and love.

• To reclaim your personal power.

• To discover the unlimited flow of the feminine energy of the universe.

• To realize how your female body has spectacular ways to express its abundance.
• How to trust your inner self, intuition and your life purpose.

Mission Statement

To empower women’s intuition and creativity, to be more in sync with nature and their own power, as well as to be connected to their spirituality.

Movement and Spirit provides a sacred and safe space for you to explore, express, and play with your female energy, intuition and life purpose.

Pnina Zoharah has been exploring women’s sexuality and the essence of the feminine body for many years. She has been working with women from all over the world. Pnina provides private sessions, women’s programs, healing packages and workshops.

Through learning and mastering your female energy, you will also communicate with your ovaries and utilize their enormous creative power, balance your male-female energy, as well as learn how to run your female creative energy throughout your body and use it to manifest your dreams.

Movement and Spirit addresses a variety of female subjects, as well teaches you powerful tools that will help you develop your intuition, access and heal your sexuality, increase your creativity and abundance, explore the effects of menopause, heal adolescent (teenager) parenting and more.

Hilary’s feedback from a Healing Package:

I was feeling overwhelmed & conflicted on all levels, since I was going through multiply transitions at that time in my life. To name a few, I had just lost two loved ones recently, so was grieving, I had just moved (downsized) from a house to an apt (in another area) as well as going through the empty nest syndrome for my 1st time, plus was going through relationship issues.  I was all over the map with my feelings & emotions needless to say, so was seeking some healing & guidance to get my life back on track.
I feel like I have found ways to fill the void during this process as I’ve become more grounded & calmer, on a daily basis. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself (big time & still continuing on that) & also about the grieving process, & what to expect & how to esp deal w/family members too. & a big accomplishment for me was to be able to set my boundaries, which again, I am still working on but have come a long ways in that area of my life. With all said, I am realizing how out of touch I’ve been with myself & my spirituality as well, so I’m really tapping into that now too! – Hilary

Christina’s feedback from a Healing Package:

I loved the service that I received from you.  Although I have had many years of formal psychotherapy in the past, the Healing Package has taken my mental and physical health to a new heightened level.  My closest friend has even seen the dramatic, positive change in my way of being because of you!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Gina’s feedback:

“Pnina’s teaching helps me connect with my own unique intuition. She has taught me how to trust and follow the voice that is inside me. Her classes have been endlessly rewarding and life changing!”  – Gina Fiola

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