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Pnina helped me with a lower back problem. In 3 sessions she taught me how to move, exercise, and what posture to adopt to help my back heal itself. Thanks to her, I am living with much less pain and have a healthier attitude toward my body. She is a great resource for physical and metaphysical information. — Ginny

Great Yoga for the Eyes workshop that came at just the right time. Needed my physical energy flow unblocked which Pnina was able to facilitate where others had not. Being given permission to rest prior to feeling tired has increased my awareness of how so very important that is for my overall health. Time to stop this computer stuff and rest my eyes. — Thanks, Rodney

I was feeling overwhelmed & conflicted on all levels, since I was going through multiply transitions at that time in my life. To name a few, I had just lost two loved ones recently, so was grieving, I had just moved (downsized) from a house to an apt (in another area) as well as going through the empty nest syndrome for my 1st time, plus was going through relationship issues.  I was all over the map with my feelings & emotions needless to say, so was seeking some healing & guidance to get my life back on track.

I feel like I have found ways to fill the void during this process as I’ve become more grounded & calmer, on a daily basis. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself (big time & still continuing on that) & also about the grieving process, & what to expect & how to esp deal w/family members too. & a big accomplishment for me was to be able to set my boundaries, which again, I am still working on but have come a long ways in that area of my life. With all said, I am realizing how out of touch I’ve been with myself & my spirituality as well, so I’m really tapping into that now too!

I would like to take more care of myself, emotionally, physically & putting myself 1st for once, while setting more boundaries for myself.
I would like to continue to work on myself, including wellness on all levels & to continue to reclaim my spirituality which has been suppressed all this time and to trust my intuitions more as I’m usually right on & don’t give myself enough credit in that regard.
From our 1st meeting, I felt that there was a connection there as you were very warm & receptive from the start. I remember this well as I was running late on our 1st meeting & you were very normal & understanding, without making me feel more stressed sitting in traffic. Also I find that you are a very authentic, caring person & although this is your business, I feel that you genuinely take a real interest in what you do, empowering women & helping your clients (both men & women here) with certain tools to help them cope with their issues whatever it may be. I commend you & thank you for that! During the women’s healing workshop, going deeper & inward within ourselves was very healing on an emotional level & then acknowledging our ovaries, in correlation with our bodies & becoming more comfortable with our feminine selves was empowering & healing too. – Hilary

With your amazing help, I have learned stress management through spiritual body work and grounding.  I also learned about my visual acuity and exercises to improve my compromised vision. I would like to acknowledge that I have committed to heal myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  I would also like to acknowledge myself for working to accept myself and others and, as a result, achieving more love and compassion.

I would like to acknowledge you for your amazing skills in helping others heal spiritually and physically through emotional and body work.  You have positively changed my life forever for which I am eternally grateful. I loved the service that I received from you. Although I have had many years of formal psychotherapy in the past, the Healing Package has taken my mental and physical health to a new heightened level. My closest friend has even seen the dramatic, positive change in my way of being because of you!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Christina M.

After attending Pnina’s workshop on yoga for the eyes and releasing emotions, I felt I could see at a distance with more clarity and focus. I also felt much more into my body and aware of my surroundings….Since my mom passed away 2 months ago, I’d been having some depression and anxiety. I felt that Pnina’s session helped me release some of those emotions and I feel better equipped to move on with my life and deal with the grief. – Claudia

I have consulted Pnina several times in relation to cancer surgery and health issues.  She has been incredibly helpful in terms of decreasing my anxiety and teaching me various techniques that left me feeling calmer and better able to deal with challenges. I have also referred several family members experiencing life crises to her, and in each instance she has been truly helpful. I think she is a skilled healer and I enthusiastically endorse her. – Nina Fendel

I was a student of Pnina’s workshops and private programs since 2008, and received one on one readings and healing. I have trained with and experienced a variety of subtle energy healing and guidance from many different professional intuitive development programs as a healer in Northern California before meeting her. I also have professional contacts who follow the yoga techniques for eye/vision health who took the classes from her.  I know the challenges alternative practitioners face to be taken seriously and Pnina is a natural intuitive, who does not advertise various certifications. She has recognized techniques which I experienced directly and rapidly to be effective in counseling appointments as well and have had great sessions again in her new office. She brought me to cut through my old “wu-woo” story and get into real connection to what I was afraid to feel! Pnina has a great sense of humor! She can speak directly to what is practical, what is real for her client.

I felt very supported and free for my own unique vision in my personal growth as her workshops invited participants into their own private exploration empowering their creativity. I clearly felt my feminine power and personal energy safely in guided meditation practice while my intuitive abilities unfolded. I have had a very good experience with her techniques and I recommend especially for women who are looking for a fun experiential workshop or class. – Barbara

Pnina Zoharah is the Master-ess of healing. She is not just a massage therapist, she is a healer of your insides and out. Many of her techniques are unusual, but very interesting and effective. She wakes up the mind and body to heal. The healing is very subtle, but it is there. She touches upon your mental, emotional and physical aspects of your being. If this is difficult to understand it is because it is more of a feeling than a concrete definition of what Pnina does for you. Since going to Pnina I have felt lighter and more focused. If I have physical pain somewhere, she makes it go away. If you are looking for a spa massage this is not the place. If you are looking for inner peace and a calm body and mind, come and see Pnina. Check out her website to get an idea of what her treatment is all about. – Eddie

Dear Pnina, You came into my life at an auspicious moment. Your candor and support pushed me to find my center that lead to a grander view of the universe and a life that is now full of exiting revelations and experiences.  I am completing my global trip and my thanks and blessings fall to you as you nudged a simple seeker for Truth. – Namaste, David Morse

“Pnina’s teaching helps me connect with my own unique intuition. She has taught me how to trust and follow the voice that is inside me. Her classes have been endlessly rewarding and life changing!”  – Gina Fiola

“I heard Pnina give a talk about her experiences with dolphins and whales and it included their sounds as well as a short meditation.  Even though I have never felt particularly drawn to whales and dolphins, something about this moved me and I made an appointment to talk with her privately.  I became unusually emotional and immediately felt I needed to work further with this healing energy.  It is helping me to access deep emotions and energy that I had never expected to find.” – Marry Lou, Spiritual healing program student

“Pnina is an excellent guide. She good at:
a. Being honest – telling me what she sees and feels.
b. Considerate and persistent – she goes to the heart of the matter. As soon as possible, but only if I am ready. She does not skip steps just to see results, she guides me through levels making sure I understand and build on every step.
c. Pnina is also pleasant. Her friendliness makes me feel comfortable and positive. Her energy both calms and energizes.”
– Stas Gibbs (completed 6 months Spiritual Healing program)

“By taking the Intuition tele-course, after only 3 sessions I had began to notice a change in inner self. I could see that I am more aware and in tune with my feelings now, and have allowed myself to release some of the negative energy which has allowed me to listen to my intuition.” – Nelam

“Working with Pnina was very positive experience. We worked together for 6 months and in that time I learned the art of consciously creating positive healing energy. I have used that energy to create incredible living situations and I am currently working with creating more beauty, love and abundance in my life. I highly recommend working with and learning from Pnina.” – Evelyn

” I have successfully completed a year of a spiritual healing program with Pnina Zoharah. I can say, it was very successful because of the inner feelings of validation. I have aborted my life’s path and myself after working with her. I would continue to work with Pnina as I trust and know that Pnina works from a very elevated place with in herself. I have worked on myself for the last 20 years on many spiritual levels. However Pnina has helped me to become unstuck from where I have been and move on to the next steps. I would recommend anyone on a personal growth path, to work with Pnina.” – Laura Mathias

“Working with Pnina Zoharah was extremely helpful to me both before and after surgery. The visualization technique helped control pain and helped me relax. Her practical strategies helped me maintain a positive attitude and contributed to my healing process. Her hands on bodywork were really helpful in assisting returning the full mobility. I enthusiastically recommend her services.” – Nina Fendel

“During my recent recovery from lymphoma I received the assistance of Pnina in guided imagery. This enabled me to become involved in my own healing process and lessened the level of pain and side effects of chemotherapy. Pnina’s unique body work help speed my recovery from surgery and return to full use of my body, her healing also was very helpful in restoring good sleep patterns. I am now enjoying the fruits of good health.” – Lois Werner

“Pnina’s Yoga for the Eyes workshop is amazing. I was definitely seeing clearer and sharper by the end of class. My body was relaxed and loose…no eye strain at all! The exercises were easy and fun to do. Pnina’s approach is revolutionary. I recommend it highly!” – Norma Novy

Call Pnina Zoharah at 415-662-8675 for an appointment.
Email: pninazoharah@gmail.com
Web: www.movementandspirit.com
Skype, by appointment: pninazoharah

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  1. rodney says:

    Great Yoga for the Eyes workshop that came at just the right time. Needed my physical energy flow unblocked which Pnina
    was able to facilitate where others had not. Being given permission to rest prior to feeling tired has increased my awareness
    of how so very important that is for my overall health. Time to stop this computer stuff and rest my eyes. Thanks Rodney

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