"As I've worked with Pnina over the last month I have gained a deeper understanding of who I am and what I am capable of. I have also begun learning how to meditate which has always been difficult to me. Pnina is very comfortable to work with and truly sees who I am which is important as I begin to truly see who I am. My sessions with her are the highlight of my week. I leave with a peace and most importantly with the knowlege of how to obtain that peace for myself. In a short amount of time, much has been accomplished including goal and intention setting, relationship clarification and health, regular meditation practice, deeper self-understanding and new tools to relate and interact with others. I highly recommend Pnina to anyone looking to increase self understanding and power in a kind and spiritual manner."

- Bob Granger

"Pnina's teaching helps me connect with my own unique intuition. She has taught me how to trust and follow the voice that is inside me. Her classes have been endlessly rewarding and life changing!"  

-Gina Fiola

I heard Pnina give a talk about her experiences with dolphins and whales and it included their sounds as well as a short meditation.  Even though I have never felt particularly drawn to whales and dolphins, something about this moved me and I made an appointment to talk with her privately.  I became unusually emotional and immediately felt I needed to work further with this healing energy.  It is helping me to access deep emotions and energy that I had never expected to find.   Marry Lou Spiritual healing program student

Pnina for is an excellent guide.   She good at:

a.   Being honest - telling me what she sees and feels.

b.   Considerate and persistent - she goes to the heart of the matter

As soon as possible, but only if I am ready.   She does not skip steps

Just to see results, she guides me through levels making sure I

Understand and build on every step.

c. Pnina is also pleasant.   Her friendliness makes me feel

Comfortable and positive.   Her energy both calms and energizes.

- Stas Gibbs (completed 6 months Spiritual Healing program)

By taking the Intuition telecourse, after only 3 sessions I had began to notice a change in inner self. I could see that I am more aware and in tune with my feelings now, and have allowed myself to release some of the negative energy which has allowed me to listen to my intuition.   Nelam

Working with Pnina was very positive experience. We worked together for 6 months and in that time I learned the art of consciously creating positive healing energy. I have used that energy to create incredible living situations and I am currently working with creating more beauty, love and abundance in my life. I highly recommend working with and learning from Pnina.     

- Evelyn

"I have successfully completed a year of a spiritual healing program with Pnina Zoharah. I can say, it was very successful because of the inner feelings of validation. I have aborted my life's path and myself after working with her. I would continue to work with Pnina as I trust and know that Pnina works from a very elevated place with in herself. I have worked on myself for the last 20 years on many spiritual levels. However Pnina has helped me to become unstuck from where I have been and move on to the next steps. I would recommend anyone on a personal growth path, to work with Pnina".


-Laura Mathias

"Working with Pnina Zoharah was extremely helpful to me both before and after surgery. The visualization technique helped control pain and helped me relax. Her practical strategies helped me maintain a positive attitude and contributed to my healing process. Her hands on bodywork were really helpful in assisting returning the full mobility. I enthusiastically recommend her services".

- Nina Fendel

"During my recent recovery from lymphoma I received the assistance of Pnina in guided imagery. This enabled me to become involved in my own healing process and lessened the level of pain and side effects of chemotherapy. Pnina's unique body work help speed my recovery from surgery and return to full use of my body, her healing also was very helpful in restoring good sleep patterns. I am now enjoying the fruits of good health".

- Lois Werner